Statement on the rise of antisemitism in the UK

Race Alliance Wales condemns antisemitism in all its forms and guises. There has been a recent and horrific rise in antisemitic acts in the UK, with a reported 500% increase (1) in antisemitic incidents from 8th-18th May, and more antisemitic incidents in the month of May than in any single month, since records began in 1986.

There have been reports of Rabbis being attacked, synagogues being vandalised and Jewish children, students and teachers being targeted in schools and universities, and publicly displayed calls for vicious attacks on Jewish people.

Sadly, the correlation between the recent spike in antisemitic acts and the violence in Palestine/Israel is not new. Until now, the highest number of antisemitic incidents reported by the Community Security Trust in one month took place in July 2014, which also coincided with escalating violence in Palestine/Israel. With this, the persistent undercurrent of antisemitism maintains its presence and feeds into different manifestations by a variety of people with varying motivations.

The actions of the Israeli state cannot be used as an excuse for these actions; there is never any justification for antsemitic acts. As an organisation, we take all cases of racism seriously, and strongly condemn the rise in antisemitism as do organisations such as the Palestine Solidarity Campaign.

In Solidarity
Race Alliance Wales

(1) Evening Standard 2021, ‘The worst it has been in 30 years’: London Jews suffer horrific rise in anti-Semitic attacks, viewed 22nd July 2021,